Pedro Yribarren
Pedro Yribarren
Windsurfing since:1993
Favorite move I do:CRASHES
Favorite move I admire:Ponch
Forite spot to sail:El Ingeniero, Berkeley Marina, Punta San Carlos
It has been a great experience to chase wind around the SF bay area with such a passionate group of windsurfers. You guys have kept me motivated to continue learning this complexity of moves after getting my butt kicked over and over. Thank you again for all the great attitude in and out of the water. Looking forward to more of the good times!
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(2010.11.10 06:23PM):
Glad to see you're still doing what you love.
(2009.06.27 10:10AM):
que tarde! ¿Por que? ¿Mucho paja entonces no tiempo?
(2009.06.25 01:03PM):
Welcome to the Team, cabronito!!!
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