Adriana Vera
Adriana Vera
Birthplace:Buenos Aires, Argentina
Windsurfing since:2005
Favorite move I do:Barely Hanging On
Favorite move I admire:Helicopter tack
Forite spot to sail:Berkeley Marina
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(2009.04.15 07:43PM):
First weekend sailing 2009 -- Ok, so here is da story. So I decide to go to candlestick for the first time last Saturday. It was nice and windy, flat water, nice. Rigged my 4.8. Before you know it, the wind picks up, very, I mean very gusty. Poor Juan, comes up behind, sail up wind sail up wind. Water start. well, by now I have been hit on the head by the mast a couple of times, not to count the whole rig, board and all lifting up, flying away. Yes, Juan, like I am going to waterstart in this. God bless you Juan, you are a true friend - you worried so. thank you. ps, I still lovvee candlestick.
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