Juan Vargas (<span class="date">2007.11.12</span>):

If you are contemplating whether to try the willy skipper or the vulcan next as your next level of progression as an aspiring freestylist, you can definitely benefit from my mistakes. I learned the willy skipper before the vulcan, mainly because I knew how to jump jibe and I thought it would be logical to try the willy skipper next. there are two problems with this approach. First, while the vulcan might be a bit harder to learn, it is the port of entry to most other new school freestyle moves. second, the vulcan is A LOT safer. With 3 kids and a mortgage to pay, I worry about injuries and accidents (a little bit at least). In my over 1000 vulcans attempts (I didn't keep track, but definitely close to that at any rate) I have never hurt myself with the vulcan except maybe some sore ankles for 10-15 minutes. Conversely, I ended up with with stitches and other injuries that require medical attention with the skippers.
But the willy skipper is a really fun move and every once in a while you get this long sliding back ride that it's just an awesome sensation!
If you are still here and want to try it, the one piece of key advice that worked for me came from Kevdawg: stay completely centered on top of the board and as you jump, pull up with the clew hand a little bit. this action allows for the board to rotate around and keeps you centered on top of the board.
This move is easier to do when planning slightly under powered and bearing off the wind a bit. Find a small ramp (very small, just a ripple) and don't lean back! Don't attempt when overpowered (all of my injuries occurred in this setting).