Forward loop

Berkeley Marina
Sherman Island

Matt Harvey (<span class="date">2007.09.06</span>):

Zen: Hey, I'm no master, and some would say a lot of my forwards look like cheese rolls, but I do know something about the forward loop.

You had better not think too much. Make your straps big and your fin small. Ram your feet into the straps as hard as you can. Get on a beam reach. Sail as fast as you can. Pretend that Domond and Sofy are racing you; then try to sail even faster.

Now stop thinking about going fast, but keep going fast. Look at the water in front of you. Do not think about looping. Keep going fast. Do not allow any thought to enter your mind other than "nice looking ramp 50ft straight ahead." Once that thought enters your mind, know that you will chop-hop (no leaning back jump) off that ramp as high as you can. Don't think about looping. Don't skip the ramp or think of any other ramp. You are married to the one you saw. You must jump it when you get to it.

When you are about to reach the apex of the jump, sheet in. Don't think about looping. Physics will take care of you, and you will probably get a pleasant surprise.

Sofy can tell you the finer points. I can probably tell you most of them. I am purposefully leaving them out here, so that you don't miss the main point: don't think about looping. Don't think about anything.

Once you have mastered doing without thinking then you may begin to think.

Sofien "Sofy" Sehiri (<span class="date">2007.09.23</span>):

Move your back hand way back on the boom.

As you hit the ramp extend both of arms.( This will get the nose of the board high and down wind.

Once you sheet in don't sheet out at all until you hit the water (as long as you still learning).

Looking back or closing your eyes will help you not to bail out.

The "sheet in" maneuver in one single and aggressive move.
It's also done by the back hand ONLY. You suppose to push with the front one to keep the center of effort of the sail forward and not aligned with your body. This will make the sail loop for you. Stay locked in that position until the landing. God nows where you gonna be then!!!

To be able to break the fear factor there are several perrita moves you can practice. Some people don't believe in these steps and just go for it. I took my time (6 months ) but i suffered psychologically because i couldn't go for a real one for so long.

Matt Harvey (<span class="date">2008.02.23</span>):

Yeah, this seems to be the popular one, and I have yet to capitalize on a free cocktail, sangria or otherwise.

If I watch Sofy then I notice that he stays pretty much back over the straps during the whole process, since he knows the sail has tons of power. Getting close the the mast is the way to get yourself called cheezy. The day I ditched work a few people were giving me extra kudos, and what I was doing differently was to stay farther back and to take a smaller board. Enough with the fine points.

I heard that some people are trying to loop for the first time. I left something out in my first explanation. In your head, it MUST be over before it starts. One of the people trying hard has mentioned that by the time he thinks of sheeting in he's hitting the water again. That's exactly the problem. You have to land it in your head, or at least land on your back in your head BEFORE you leave the water or you will not be able to sheet in soon enough.

And back to what I said earlier, by the time you leave the water it's best not to be thinking anything at all: only doing. Breathe deeply. Focus on your heels or the sun, Saturn, or something way outside, and forget all the crap. Do I still remember to forget? I think we get another chance tomorrow morning.