Berkeley Marina

Matt Harvey (<span class="date">2007.08.01</span>):

Even a tack is still easier with lots of speed, so don't head up to far; aim to spend a moment backwinded.

Put your front hand all the way up to the mast. Step your front foot on the center line behind the mast. Step your back foot on the center line between the front foot straps. Hook your front foot around the leeward side of the mast. Three steps only.

Keep your eyes looking upwind and not at the sail. Maintaining slight heel pressure, rake the mast way back and then let go of the back hand.

You were looking upwind over the front shoulder. Snap your head around, looking at the same point over your back shoulder. Then hop a bit and let the rest of your body line up with your head. You're backwinded at a very close angle on the original tack.

If the mast is not already very far back then shove it back and push the clew towards the wind until the board crosses the eye of the wind.

Throw the mast to the nose and sheet in as in a normal uphaul or stall recovery.