Family Resemblance?
Family Resemblance?
Spot: Sherman Island
Riders: Sofien "Sofy" Sehiri
Moves: Jibe
Date: 2006.05.16
Credits: Photo by Kevdawg
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(2008.10.28 05:26PM):
bump for kicks
(2007.10.12 02:03AM):
Kevdawg is a genius, not a dawg!! Teamdawg is proud of Sofy to be a dog, not a genius and Kevdawg to be a genius, not a dog. Does that mean that Kevdawg is a perrita and Sofy is a dumb ass? LOL!!
Enrique Benede
(2007.10.11 10:54PM):
Matt Harvey
(2007.10.11 07:28PM):
This is hilarious. I totally see it.