Look Mom, no holes in the sail!
Spot: Sherman Island
Riders: Matt Harvey
Moves: Spock
Date: 2007.09.12
Credits: Video by Kevdawg
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Matt Harvey
(2007.10.11 08:38PM):
Yeah that's right - keeping that back elbow on the outside of the boom can be crucial.
(2007.10.11 04:17PM):
hey, i wasn't drunk at oyster point when i went through my sail... i was just a little tipsy and overpowered and feeling a little invinceable. sure seemed like a good idea at the time to go for an e-slider :-/
(2007.10.11 12:21AM):
last time i made a hole in my sail i actually penetrated the panel with my head and shoulers between the 4th and the 5th battens. Not drunk like kevdawg in Oyster poit. That wasn't funny because it took me 5 long min to water start in the breeding ground of the great W. When i reached the beach i sat on a rock in shock trying to visualize what happened.
Perrita? Oh Shuuuu. As usual!
(2007.10.10 12:47AM):
Matt likes to put holes in his sail when he's spocking OP'd... although his 4.2 came away unscathed after this attempt :-/