San Carlos Wave
Spot: San Carlos
Riders: Kevin Kan
Moves: Wave Riding
Date: 2007.09.25
Credits: Video by Carmen Hsu
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(2007.12.15 02:44PM):
I've never been there in the spring. I hear the wind howls that time of the year (all day, all night) and that it is fairly cold... and waves can be hit or miss. I've only been there in September, and it's been great every time. It would be good to organize a group trip... it's such an easy place to learn to wave sail... makes you sail better than you really are LOL!
Raul er Potro
(2007.12.10 09:47AM):
Iwanna go there. What about spring? We could organize a Dagws surf trip. End of march. San Carlos, is it good time?
Nice surf Kev!