That was weird... What the hell was that?
Spot: Berkeley Marina
Riders: Sofien "Sofy" Sehiri
Moves: Air Hoss Tack, Flaka
Date: 2007.09.10
Credits: Video by Kevdawg, Commentary by John
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(2007.09.18 11:47PM):
Matt Harvey
(2007.09.18 12:01PM):
Flaka or air push tack, you decide? (I call it a push tack.) I dunno. Now that I can look at it closely I do see him sliding on the nose, although at the landing the board may be a little bit on the tail (thank JP for fat asses) and the sail is definitely leading the board, but there's no rule against that.

If I had done it I'd definitely call it a Flaka, so kudos to the modifier (that's Sofy in case you hadn't heard). Now I want to see it at 25kts. Is there anything to be afraid of? :)

(What is the definition of a cheese roll anyway?)