killing myself... over and over again
killing myself... over and over again
Spot: Berkeley Marina
Riders: Kevin Kan
Moves: Shaka
Date: 2007.09.06
Credits: Photo by John
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(2007.09.09 12:53AM):
Done! You know, I don't think I had ever been to the "Moves" page before. LOL
Matt Harvey
(2007.09.08 11:52AM):
Do you want it filed under Shaka? It isn't apparent to even Kevin how to add a new move? Doesn't say much for my UI design. I think I need a quick-add link on the media posting page, but for now open the 'Moves' link from the menu bar in a new window or tab, click 'Add' in the upper right, fill in the name, and then refresh the media post page. Yeah, I guess that is pretty weak.

Congrats on doing any shakas, though. I wish I could do even the shove-it.
Kevin Kan
(2007.09.08 01:11AM):
actually going for a shaka... but it's not in the "moves" library. I must have tried 50 of these suckers that day... made two :-D my feet hurt today