It sure beats swimming
It sure beats swimming
Spot: Berkeley Marina
Riders: Kevin Kan, Anton Vila
Date: 2007.09.03
Credits: Photo by Raúl Ruiz Sánchez
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(2007.09.05 08:47PM):
Hey where the hell is Anton's board gone?
I remember that this is possible when i slogged the 62 L in wind around 12/15 mph the sail still provides power but the boards fades away under water so you actually still have some drive of your submarine.
(2007.09.05 11:51AM):
...and it looks warm! very odd!
Matt Harvey
(2007.09.05 09:45AM):
This picture makes it look like it is possible for the wind to die in Berkeley. Is such a thing really possible? It must be trick photography. :)