Some Dawgs@Oyster Point
Some Dawgs@Oyster Point
Spot: Oyster Point
Riders: Isabelle Fortier, Mikako Hoshi, Kevin Kan, Sofien "Sofy" Sehiri, Juan Vargas, Damis Vu
Date: 2007.07.26
Credits: Nice session, but don't forget a boom!
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(2008.05.20 11:09PM):
Someone put the G.S. on Team Dawg list please. Seems like he'll be sticking around for a little while this time:-) Hey! He even got the beat up pickup truck to follow us around! If this isn't a sign of commitment to Team Dawg, I dunno what it is...
(2008.05.20 01:13PM):
LOL hahahahaha
(2008.05.20 12:19PM):
Wow, Damis looks taller and certainly blonder! ;-)