Signature Move
Spot: Sherman Island
Riders: Sofien "Sofy" Sehiri
Moves: Backwind jibe, Sofy jibe
Date: 2007.05.26
Credits: Video by Cigdem
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(2008.05.22 11:33AM):
I'm inspired!
Matt Harvey
(2007.08.09 10:51AM):
Yeah, or at least the pointing thing. His arm is kind of hanging down. Sofy should post some tips on the Sofy jibe. Trying to tack on starboard in Berkeley gives me some idea how it was born.
(2007.08.08 08:18PM):
I guess it really wasn't a Sofi Jibe anyway w/o the shaka!
Matt Harvey
(2007.08.08 05:40PM):
There was when you posted, but I killed it after, since this certainly was an example and yet it wasn't classified. I put the move back.
(2007.08.07 10:48AM):
There was no "Sofi Jibe" listed under moves ;-)