...maybe it's the sail
Spot: Berkeley Marina
Riders: Astrid Leitner
Moves: Vulcan
Date: 2007.07.17
Credits: Video by John
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Matt Harvey
(2007.07.19 02:05AM):
Yeah good job on that vulcan; I'm sure I'll see one live pretty soon - and so sorry for not putting you in the database when I set up the site. You're in there now, so go fill out your profile.
(2007.07.19 01:39AM):
yeah, but you weren't an option in the list of riders... and that was my sail... so...
(2007.07.18 02:15PM):
hey hey the rider's me not kevin
(2007.07.18 02:01PM):
that used to be my sail... before it went to Ted... and then to Dave... and then to Astrid... a good pedigree of vulcaners :-D

Good job Astrid!