First HD Video on TD
Spot: Berkeleyss
Riders: Sofien "Sofy" Sehiri
Moves: "F"laking the kiters
Date: 2010.04.07
Credits: Kevin AKA KD
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(2010.04.19 11:46PM):
The other most over-used word/phrase has to be, "YOU GO GIRL!!"
(2010.04.14 12:17AM):
lost in translation...



and then that over-used word "amazing"???

Please, wind-god - give those people something to do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(2010.04.13 09:25PM):
that swell is so amazing who cares about the video quality!!!!1
Matt Harvey
(2010.04.09 10:48AM):
Kevin tells the story right. Someone needs to get his code with the times. Also the thumbnail didn't work!

320x240 h.264 700kbps (I think)

The force to 4:3 is probably fixed player dimensions, not the transcoder.

It's probably time to get out of server transcoding and into the HTML5 video tag - haven't checked the browser stats lately.

Right after I fix the deck of my 100. Wow did the Stick disappoint yesterday. Not sure today has a chance..... ugh.
(2010.04.08 11:06AM):
a couple things going on here..

first, TD transcodes all the video and does not display in its native format, and this implementation was probably done b/f HD video was really widely deployed, so what started out as HD video is changed to something else. Looks like we also have some AR issues here, as your sail looks too tall. I believe the original footage was shot in 16 x 9?

Second, your camera records HD in some funky formats: AVCHD and Motion JPEG that may not be transcoded well.

The main reason is just that the video is not displayed in its native format, and you will lose quality every time you transcode.
Sofien "Sofy" Sehiri
(2010.04.07 09:48PM):
I actually thought it would be much better quality than this:( The flash versionis a bit better than Quick Time!

It looked very good on my computer tho, why that Matt????