Da Truck is Dead
Da Truck is Dead
Spot: Sherman Island
Riders: Christian Thiel
Date: 2009.09.13
Credits: Photo by Kevdawg
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(2009.09.16 01:00AM):
Actually, da truck has been resuscitated and is back in action!

Rumors of its demise were premature!
(2009.09.15 09:23PM):
she served you well... I wonder if the sunglasses, the old handheld radio, or the pocket flashlight is going to be the next viejo thing of yours to go kaput.
(2009.09.15 09:11PM):
That's the curs that is following you to Rio. Damis cursed you from SF bay to Dutch Land :-D
RIP, you got the dinero so you can afford a mexican car like caballo con ruedas that's like rolls royce, There is a Mid Mest brand you should consider called "i got my horse and i got my beer" it's very efficient and the gas mileage is unlimited. Just feed it grass, herb and Weed in a big pot. That shit works bro, say goodbye to your o'love toyota4runner 1871 shez2old for your daily 5 mile ride to Berkeley marina.

Sorry for yourloss


(2009.09.15 08:10PM):
ohhh, but the season is nearly over so you do not need a car until next season :)
(2009.09.14 10:53PM):
Aw!! Sad. RIP (Rest in Pieces)
(2009.09.14 01:37PM):
Thanks for sharing this, Kev. I'm getting a new car sooon!

Aloha from Rio-Scheisskaff-Vista!