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Spot: Da Stick
Riders: Asma
Moves: Grubby
Date: 2009.09.13
Credits: Aaron and Jacob
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(2009.09.15 09:18PM):
This was and still my favorite move, based on Ted's testimony Grubbies feel like a wet cat smooth and slippery. Mat never had a cat before he's missing out, but at least he's got the grubby ;-)

Cats are the best Brahh
(2009.09.15 08:17PM):
hehehe, too much bee, (yes i am drinking now), I meant cool :)
(2009.09.15 08:16PM):
Geee Asma, this is very very coold!!!
Matt Harvey
(2009.09.13 08:01PM):
Cool and nice.
(2009.09.13 02:14PM):
Thank you Aaron and Jacob for the picture. I owe you a six pack for sure.