Tread Lightly in the Delta
Tread Lightly in the Delta
Spot: Sherman Island
Riders: Kevin Kan
Date: 2009.06.02
Credits: Photo by Kevdawg
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(2009.06.23 09:30PM):
We get rattlers up here at my house all the time. We try to catch them and take them far away. Don't want the dogs tangling with a rattler.
(2009.06.18 10:34AM):
Snakes are more afraid of you than you for them; and for good reason. No need to kill them at all. Most likely they've already left long before you get there because we tread, sound and smell like clumpsy monsters.
(2009.06.04 09:55AM):
It doesn't look toxic, but I still wouldn't want it crawling in my sleeping bag.

I have already seen jellyfish at TI this year. Kill them before they multiply!
(2009.06.03 10:30AM):
I have seen 4 alive ones in one week. Two in the water in Sherman. One on frontage road in Berkeley, and one rolled up in a harness at the delta. This is the year of the "snake". Last year is the year of the "jellyfish":))
(2009.06.03 09:12AM):
I had heard the rumblings about the snakes in the Delta this year... now I've seen one. This one was small, and it was dead, but gave me the heebeejeebees anyway.