Spot: Anywhere where there is wind...
Riders: Asma , Raul "er POTRO", Enrique Benede "er gallo", Isabelle Fortier, Matt Harvey, Mikako Hoshi, Kevin Kan, Sofien "Sofy" Sehiri, Christian Thiel, Juan Vargas, Anton Vila, Damis Vu
Date: 2009.04.03
Credits: The web...
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(2009.04.19 10:56AM):
Windsurfers are contributing to the society, by butting off other people's business and focusing on our addiction.
(2009.04.13 08:40AM):
Don't be a wimp. Everyone else is doing it.
(2009.04.08 11:20PM):
I remember laughing the first time I saw this, but wow do I not laugh now after some direct experience with the first two points.

Now I sometimes find myself thinking of the harm while I'm sailing. Maybe moderation...

Sorry to get all emo. But to anyone reading this for the first time, if you're not already addicted, read that thing a second time without laughing.
Isabelle Fortier
(2009.04.03 02:50PM):
Do we really need to add a comment to this?