San Carlos 2008
Spot: San Carlos
Riders: Kevin Kan
Moves: Wave Riding
Date: 2008.09.19
Credits: Video by Carmen Hsu
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(2008.12.02 10:48AM):
You lucky guy, I think those are the only action pics we have. The last two days when the swell got back everyone was too busy in the water to film anything. Only Pedro (Meredith's guy) has some stuf, he was filming form the cliff. We gotta get those images, it can be cool. Many people was sailing, it was sunny. Any ideas???
(2008.11.13 05:02PM):
the first two waves were from the day of our arrival, and i was a bit inebreated... as someone was kind enough to point out. driving through the night with no sleep and a few beers on the dirt road... we were pretty dead on arrival, but it felt good to sail and get wet. had we known that the swell was going to die mid week, we would have sailed all night. the rest is from the last day of the trip which was pretty good, too!
(2008.11.08 11:16AM):
no, this just got posted this week, and there were initially some transcoding problems. this was from the first and last day of the trip.
(2008.11.08 11:05AM):
I guess i didn't visit the dawg site for a long time! This isn't flat water sailing!!!