First on Film
Spot: Sherman Island
Riders: Matt Harvey
Moves: Grubby
Date: 2008.08.16
Credits: Video by Kevdawg
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Matt Harvey
(2008.08.26 07:37PM):
In the dream you sure had an Ezzy 8.0. Good thing it was only a dream.

I can sleep easy tonight, though. Ming rescued my fin and got it back to me today. Thanks to Ming, too!

I was in such a panic that I did order MFC Freestyle Pro 18cm from Inland Sea last night anyway. I hear those are hard to come by. I don't know if they have it or are able to get it for real, but it showed up in the web store.
(2008.08.26 12:45PM):
I thought it curious that there were no Mattsky grubby videos yet. I know it wasn't ideal grubby conditions for you that evening, but you managed to pull a nice powered up one for the camera anyway.

Hey, I don't have an Ezzy 8.0 :-/
Matt Harvey
(2008.08.26 08:14AM):
Thanks, Kevin, for the video. I was dying for the first on film.

Thanks, Asma, for the comment.

This move is going to get harder now that my custom perrita fin from Sofy has gone missing, probably by my leaving it lying on the green.

After the trauma, I had an anxiety dream where I rigged my 4.5 fine in the Berkeley parking lot, only to find a big chunk out of the top panel when I turned around again. Kevin has backed me up on broken or missing gear before, and he was there in the dream but was offering an Ezzy 8.0.

I never expected anxiety about it being too big.
(2008.08.24 11:05AM):
Nicy nicy nice