Not what you want to see on the side of the road :-(
Not what you want to see on the side of the road :-(
Riders: Kevin Kan
Moves: Roof Rack Failure
Date: 2008.07.20
Credits: Photo by Kevdawg
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(2008.08.05 01:12PM):
Long drive for a weekend. Way to charge it!

Crummy mishap!
Paulinie Beanie
(2008.07.25 12:04PM):
At least it's all in one unit and not splayed out all over the place, like on other people's cars! still sucks tho...
Matt Harvey
(2008.07.21 11:13PM):
Well, if it's on the side of the road like, "Hey, free board," it might be pretty cool, but knowing it's yours - that sucks big time.

Yeah, it could have been worse, and at least there's no water inside, but on the other hand - that sucks big time.
(2008.07.21 10:21PM):
Well, I was planning on putting the Thule on the Matrix for the drive up north, but I think I'll jam everything inside the car instead. Not good at all, but as you said, at least nobody is hurt... Could have been way worse than a dinged tail, buckled nose and damaged sailbag...
(2008.07.21 05:49PM):
ouh nouu, my beautiful red quiver bag! is she hurt? ou nouuu!! I had a lot of fond memories of that bag, the day I got it from Gary Stone, the day I put it in my storage room, and the day Kevin picket it up from home. Actually those are all the memories I have from the bag.
(2008.07.21 10:11AM):
Too much is happening lately. Is the Gorge cursed? A person dies trying loops at Dougs beach, Sofy breaks his board, and Kevin damages hi gear. Damn
(2008.07.21 09:44AM):
catapulting aaron
(2008.07.21 09:28AM):
That happened.:(
(2008.07.21 12:34AM):
The roof rack from Aaron's car flew off at 70mph on I-5 just after we had crossed back into CA. Luckily nobody was driving behind us... but we were in the right lane, and everything ended up on the left lane shoulder! A dinged tail, a buckled nose, and nobody died... could have been much worse!

Sorry Kike... that's your bag on the ground... it looks like hell now :-( I'll get you another one.