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Spot: Da Hatch
Riders: Asma
Moves: Vulcan
Date: 2008.07.07
Credits: Sofien
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(2008.07.15 12:41AM):
Wow. No offense meant. Only to say how impressive it is that she is kicking ass on the water so soon after having a baby. It was absolutely a compliment. I'm sorry you saw it that way and Asma, I think you're lookin awesome.
(2008.07.14 08:42PM):

Maybe I'm lost in translation, but I think that your kind of sarcasm doesn't have its place on this website. WTF is that comment about photoshop?!? You don't know what you're talkin' about, girl. The day you can throw a Vulcan the way Asma does with an exhausted body which gave birth only a few weeks before, and with a lack of sleep for tending to a newborn's needs nights after nights, MAYBE you will be entitled to use those funny jokes here (they are not even funny BTW!). Until then, keep your comments to yourself. We certainly don't need to read them. One of the purpose of the website is to encourage our group of windsurfers in their endeavors, not to throw some trash out (like I had to do just now in order to remind you not to do it anymore). That's all I have to say.

La chienne est enragee maintenant...
(2008.07.12 01:25PM):
Not really. My vulcans still suck:)
(2008.07.11 08:19AM):
hum! looking good girl! Seems like you already reunited with your Vulcan, OK, next time you have to use your own sail 'cause that sail has done one too many Vulcans already ;)
(2008.07.11 02:16AM):
Nice!!! I would assume this was photo-shopped after having a baby 1 1/2 months ago, but you're the shit!!
(2008.07.08 12:41PM):
Looks good!