Don't worry, the boom is OK
Don't worry, the boom is OK
Spot: Sherman Island
Riders: Matt Harvey
Moves: In Your Eye
Date: 2008.06.28
Credits: Photo by Kevdawg
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(2008.07.03 11:19AM):
Team Dawg was in full action mode off the water assisting Matt who was bleeding like an open faucet after a spock crash/ boom to the face. Everyone was a trooper helping with irrigation of the wound, cutting suture, and bringing supplies. Matt took on a couple of large size needle sticks without anesthetics and didn’t’ even blink, in true Dawg fashion. I have since updated my emergency suture kit (sorry Matt it was quite there when you need it!). I now have lidocaine and smaller needles, for any perritas that might need a post sesh fix.
(2008.07.03 03:11AM):
owwwwie! no lidocaine... you're a tough one, matt!
(2008.06.30 12:37AM):
A boom to the face means a couple stitches just in case