Candlestick June 2, 2008
Spot: Candlestick Point
Riders: Raul "er POTRO", Enrique Benede "er gallo", Kevin Kan, Sofien "Sofy" Sehiri
Moves: Spock, Spock 540, Spock One Handed, Flaka, Grubby, Forward loop, Shove it, CRASHES
Date: 2008.06.02
Credits: Video by Kevdawg and Sofi (mostly), Commentary mostly by Sofi, questions from Da Expert!
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(2008.06.03 11:19AM):
funny and cool!
(2008.06.03 10:31AM):
Hilarious. Enrique you are looking better. Kev Dawg, I love your no board forward:)
(2008.06.03 12:11AM):
This vid is pretty much raw and unedited... just an aggregation of all the clips from the day, although I cropped the clips so we wouldn't be staring at guys mowing the lawn... but all the crashes and commentary are there. Pretty fucking funny, if you ask me LOL