media that illustrates the move... finally
Spot: Grassy Point, Tomales Bay
Riders: Enrique Benede "er gallo", Brad Johnson, Kevin Kan
Moves: Barely Hanging On
Date: 2008.04.19
Credits: video work by jse
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Matt Harvey
(2008.04.24 10:06AM):
Yeah, I did some of my own BHO that day. I had never been so slow on 4.2, although possibly more hung over on 4.2 on some of those Sherman days.

Sticking together is good, but I could not hang in the channel. I was sailing sloppy and suffering minor injuries on 50% of my landings, though I had never jumped so high or shoved it so little and been shoved back so hard.
(2008.04.21 09:14PM):
Next time stick together team.
(2008.04.21 01:24PM):
good memories from Sat. You should post the footage when we come out of the water
(2008.04.21 12:55PM):
OP'd on the 3.5 I borrowed from Sofi... it would only get windier