Tomales Bay HelmetCam - Port tack
Spot: Grassy Point, Tomales Bay
Date: 2008.02.13
Credits: Steve Elliott
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(2008.03.12 06:46PM):
Nope, I didn't have better luck. Yesterday at 3rd, broke my boom head. Didn't notice it til today.
Matt Harvey
(2008.02.24 07:39AM):
I broke two HPL boom clamps in six moths. When I look closer, I can see that the design is a little different from the ones I was breaking, so probably you will have better luck.

I was also probably going for much tighter than I needed.

The best format may be MPEG-2. It transcodes no matter what, so whatever comes from the camera may be best if you're patient enough to upload.

Now I need to get my ass to Berkeley!
(2008.02.23 10:45PM):
Hey, that clamp is brand new. I hope it lasts a while.

I've experimented with how I export these. I can't seem to find a pattern. Sometimes they works, sometimes the donts.
Matt Harvey
(2008.02.23 10:09PM):
Time to driving very far!!!! Can't believe that HPL boom clamp is still intact. I guess Steve doesn't crush it like I do. I don't know why the (deleted) one with the (Gavin?) Vulcan transcoded like crap. Who wrote that server transcoding anyway? I think it works well on raw Canon A2 AVI's.