Windsport Sail Test
Windsport Sail Test
Spot: San Carlos
Riders: Kevin Kan
Moves: Wave Riding
Date: 2007.09.25
Credits: From Windsport Magazine
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(2008.02.12 12:14PM):
It's the danger Zone, the impact Zone, away of your gear blown, no oxygen in the air but Ozone, that's what the ocean is known, for, you break your sail but you still have a clone, check with kevin, call him in the phone, he's got over eleven, sails of the same tone.
Zone 5.0 gogogo.
Enrique Benede
(2008.02.12 08:48AM):
Congrats's a shame you are ion the shadow of the wave, I can only tel it's you by the hair outline.
Matt Harvey
(2008.02.12 08:45AM):
Easy to see through? I never noticed. If I drop downwind of someone it's their problem. (Kidding). Great for grubby-loops as well. :-P

Didn't they even write "Kevin Kan" in the magazine?