Up the line at County Line
Up the line at County Line
Spot: County Line
Riders: Kevin Kan
Moves: Wave Riding
Date: 2007.12.26
Credits: Photo by theq
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Enrique Benede
(2007.12.28 05:23PM):
Sofy and I got a short one-hour cold ses at Crissy.
Matt Harvey
(2007.12.27 07:26PM):
Damn you're a lucky dawg. A bit of that made it up here, and I got out to da Stick, but much too late, with less than an hour until sunset and the wind having died while I was on the way. Went out and planed a tiny bit on 5.7, but it was freezing. This looks MUCH better.
(2007.12.26 09:42PM):
Got a fun day in at County Line the day after Christmas. Luckily, my LA buddy Julio called me up and alerted me to the possibility of wind... otherwise I was headed south to San Diego to surf. Waves were up to about head high on the sets. Wind started out light, but it then picked up considerably. I started out on 5.4 underpowered and then got on 4.7... but by the time I had rerigged, the wind had come down a little bit, but it was still enough to get going and nice for riding waves.