Another Summer Delta Movie... with lots 'o crashes
Spot: Sherman Island
Riders: Kevin Kan
Moves: Forward loop, Spock 540, Grubby, Duck tack, Carve 360, Vulcan
Date: 2007.05.10
Credits: Video by Mark Paine
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(2007.12.26 11:53AM):
There are some white caps on the Bay this morning but not enough to get me out there. Plus, it's f'ing cold...

I agree with Matt: the carve 360 is a really good and clean one:-)

Until Delta Daze come back, I'll keep sippin on my hot latte:-)

Merry Christmas everyone!!!
(2007.12.25 10:58PM):
man, i really suck on starboard :-( wtf

yeah, all the delta vids are giving me the warm and fuzzy feeling... which is nice considering what a cold winter we've been having
Matt Harvey
(2007.12.24 06:05PM):
Yeah I remember seeing it on YouTube. With all those moves I like the carve 360 the best; it is a clean one, even though there a PLENTY of Grubbies.

Thanks for uploading the video TWICE. Maybe one day I'll stop putting buggy code live.

These Sherman videos are making me really long for Summer to be back. At least we are past the solstice.
(2007.12.24 05:58PM):
Mark originally posted this video to You Tube... titled starboard loop and vulcan practice. Still can't do a freakin' starboard loop :-/ that second crash is pretty funny, eh? I remember this day... I had demoed out my regular board, and so I had to use the 69l w/ my 5.0... which I thought was going to be a really awkward combo, but it actually worked pretty well!