I have to eat da WHAT?
Spot: Sherman Island
Riders: Asma , Matt Harvey, Sofien "Sofy" Sehiri
Moves: Vulcan, Forward loop, Spock, Shove it, High jump
Date: 2007.05.01
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(2007.12.22 02:22PM):
Yay, QT is back!
(2007.12.21 11:25PM):
This video makes me wanna go for it with my big belly:))

Love ya for this video. It is a nice reminder of the good days:)
(2007.12.21 05:59PM):
:-( I miss the quicktime video for the downloadability and frame by frame control... but i suppose this is lighter? nice vid, though. IE sux anyway LOL.
Matt Harvey
(2007.12.21 04:37PM):
Oh crap, you need a brand new Flash Player, like in the past month or two, to play h.264. Go download Flash Player 9.0.115 or newer. I need to add some detection.

Also I recently discovered that the site looks like crap in IE6. Oh well.
Matt Harvey
(2007.12.21 01:55AM):
Asma shows how to go for it, Matt shows what not to do repeatedly, and Sofy shows how to look awesome with less footage.

I know the music is strange.