Better watch out Laird!
Better watch out Laird!
Spot: Kanaha, Maui
Riders: Juan Vargas
Moves: ocean sweeper
Date: 2007.11.03
Credits: Holly
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(2008.10.28 05:25PM):
frickin' oaron!!! LOL
Rich Wilde
(2007.11.07 12:51PM):
It was great to see you at Lowers! Did you have a good trip?Hopefully I'll see you at hmb this winter. Aloha Rich
G. Shepherd
(2007.11.06 11:11PM):
Yeah... when I first saw the "stand up paddling" I thought, gee, looks like some boring activity. Then my Central Coast Crew told me about how much fun it is, and just last night, my best buddy Ryan told me that he had been traveling up and down the Coast with it and "exploring" new spots in otherwise secluded areas. "You'd like it, Chris!"
Too bad I now don't seem to have any excuse to NOT immigrate into the States due to lack of winter-time excercise...
Enrique Benede "el gallo"
(2007.11.05 01:38PM):
Nice shot! and I thought Maui was always'd look better with a tatoo in your shoulder
Juan Vargas
(2007.11.05 11:35AM):
5 awesome windy days with shoulder height waves, no wind on my last two days. no pics to show of the windy days. I lucked out, as forecast calls for no winds for the foreseable future in paradise. Stand up paddle board is huge these days in Maui, even more popular than surfing. It's easy to do: you get up on your first try, and you can pretty much catch any wave with it, regardless of size.
(2007.11.05 10:53AM):
damn! those are some huge waves!! LOL