stolen gear

Posted on 2010.03.25 by Astrid Leitner.

Hi all,
My car was broken into last night in front of my car and all the gear inside was taken. I would really appreciate if everyone kept an eye out for any pieces of my gear! THanks!

1 brand new blue maui sails all carbon boom (140-200)
1 red Hawaii proline carbon boom (smaller)
1 370 skinny 100% carbon
3 yellow hansen sails 5.1, 4.6, 4.1
Thanks all

whats really fucked up is that they left my ipod and my wallet!!! I would rather have my booms!

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(2010.03.26 02:27PM):
I am so sad to hear this. It is BS, I will keep and eye open. I know this is not much consolation but next week i am going to have extra freestyle gear, you are welcome to borrow it (90liters, 4.2,4.7, 5.2)... shit!
(2010.03.25 09:16AM):