Da 2010 season goal list!

Posted on 2010.02.07 by Asma .

Alright, after consulting with everyone, here is the list. Feel free to add yours, if you are not on it!

Daniel: more than 50 days of windsurfing. Forward Loop.

Pedro: Vulcan, more comfortable with the forward loop, get all the basics (360, ... etc)

Aaron V.: Vulcan, plane out of a forward loop, aerial off the lip, shove-it, gecko, up-wind 360, ducktack, body-drag.

Joe: Paja and Forward loop

Mike U.: Duck Jibe, heli-tack, power jibe, jump---> forward loop.

Wiley: Jibes, jumping, get windsurf gear.

Sofy: It will be a surprise!

Christian: shove it "port tack"

Steve: haas tack, heli-tack, forward loop.

Patti: Have fun. Water starting.

Rob M.: forward loops, wave riding, tacking, and shove-it.

Cigdem: duck jibe, waddell wave-sailing, jumping then forward loop.

Kevin (K-Dawg): double spock, burner, back-loop, push-loop, switch cha-cho.

Derek: ponch, e-slider, flaka, shove-it, puneta.

Nes: shove-it, backloop, spocks, forward-loop, grubby.

Jacob: forward loop, vulcan.

Asma: spock, flaka, shove-it, backloop, duck-tack, clew-first vulcan.

Mike Z: duck jibe, heli-tack, jump high, shove-it, forward-loop.

Sander: one 6-pack a day, vulcan while wearing a speedo, more wave-sailing, chrissy to Berkeley down-winder. Maybe-shove-it.

Juan: Flaka, Grubby, Puneta.

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(2010.02.08 09:43AM):
Push loop. That's it.

Kevin - SWITCH chacho? Why you gonna slack? :)
(2010.02.07 11:05PM):
My list may be short, but at least I know how to use it.
aaron v
(2010.02.07 07:18PM):
hey wait a second...

I didn't sign up for duck tack! put that one on Jacob's list.
Isabelle Fortier
(2010.02.07 07:03PM):
As for my goals, North of the 45th parallel:
- Less time spent doing Paja;
- More time spent on the water (50 seshs minimum);
- Piling up my $$$ to go to California;
- working on my push tack;
- jumping higher ----> forward loop;
- working on shove-its...

(2010.02.07 06:45PM):
We will check back with each others mid-season (say July) to check on our progress..and end of season..to see who is the most successful:)

PS: my favorite goal is Sander's vulcan in a speedo.