Back loop Bonanza!

Posted on 2009.09.21 by Juan Vargas.

Congratulations to Sofy for his consistent and impressive (both in height and grace) back loops yesterday at TI!!!! Matt witness one and then I followed Sof around for a little bit until he stuck one (sic). Not to mention the many shakas he was throwing all over the place...dude u rock! These accomplishments are worthy of big celebration, I hopeplace...dude u rock! these accomplishments are worthy of big celebration .
I sailed da stick today for 55 minutes (yes, 55 not 56) as I had to be at work later. nice flat stuff, powered up on 4.7 90 lts. Jacob was there, all other TDs were at TI,I suppose

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(2009.09.26 12:01PM):
I got the taste of " the 0H flaka" beer last nite but I need to SEE it done and then we drink the whole 12 pack... Congrats kev you proved your hi skills once again!!
(2009.09.25 01:13PM):
romantic? whatchya mean? are you implying some sort of bromance?

yep, got a no hand flaka on wednesday at da stick... luckily GS was there to witness... i was trying to get Sofy and Deth to witness, but i almost killed Deth, so i'll have to be a little bit more careful... BEWARE!!!

now, if I could just learn the no hand flaka w/ the double salute, that would be sweet!
(2009.09.25 12:44PM):
Kevin.. I did not think you were so

No-handed flakas?
(2009.09.24 03:20PM):
Yes, those backloops are SICK!!!! I wish I could do one... just need to keep trying. I feel totally lost on the backloop, and I didn't think I was jumping high enough, although Sofy seems to think otherwise. The backloops were sick even before you were landing them... they just looked so sweet, and it looked like you had a lot of control in the air. Need to get on that train!
(2009.09.24 12:42AM):
I know the pain you went through to get this move (backloop), and cannot wait to witness it:) I love how lots of accomplishments are happening at the end of the season. Congrats to Sofy, and congrats to all:))
(2009.09.23 12:40PM):
Thank you Juan, thank you Jacob, You guys are awesome. I bought some bee for the back loop but still not satisfied with the shaka. The season is still on for about 25 more sessions till next year and we'll have plenty time to party and celebrate and pray for storms...

When i used to eat fish and go out fishing with friends (how boring!!!) I never use a one single hook and a single fishing pole, I use as many as i as can handle and eventually i catch some fish.
I'm applying the same technique with moves, Try as many as possible, put some to rest for a while (seasons, years, months, weeks...) then get them out of the cave and try them with a new perspective and more go for it attitude. I tell you something, i never go for a move with go for it attitude until i get closer to it, feel a little more comfortable and understand it more. But if I never try new stuff, next season won't be making new stuff. I guess you got the point.
(2009.09.22 02:32PM):
Ha ha, could have fooled me
(2009.09.22 12:38AM):
Whatever you saw, Jacob... It for sure wasn't inteded to be/look like/come out to be a backloop!
For future reference if you see anything similar: I call them "attempted port jumps"
Ha ha ha!!!
(2009.09.21 10:40PM):
Concur! Sofy brought it to TI yesterday. He made it look so easy, even Kris and I were going for back loops (hurts far less to biff than a forward!)

Juan: thanks for the post-session report at Da Stick today! I dusted off and went out on the 4.2 and was all smiles.