More action on teamdawg please:)

Posted on 2009.09.09 by Asma .

Matt worked hard on putting this website together. We should use it more often! Instead of mass e-mail, let's post our search for the wind that people that are not interested in our e-mails will not be bothered.

So here, Where is the wind at today? Do not answer tomorrow, answer today:)

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(2009.09.09 10:14PM):
Baaaaaaaaaaad spelling Sof!!!!
(2009.09.09 10:13PM):
We stopped by TI, it was cold and not looking too epic so we headed out to da stick for spinny slidy nsesh wich stated out sluggish but picked up as always.
Tomorrow shall be warmer Da Source/Da stick...
(2009.09.09 07:40PM):
TI --> righteous.

Divine ramps gently launching you towards the foggy heaven above.
(2009.09.09 07:21PM):
Liar me saw Berkeley dropping and went to TI. Ended up rigging down to 4.5.
(2009.09.09 01:45PM):
Feel better Astrid.

TI might be the spot. Will be there by 2:30pm. You may call Sofy or I for OSR.
(2009.09.09 01:27PM):
Looks like TI is turned on...
Astrid Leitner
(2009.09.09 01:22PM):
i've been sick :( so no sailing today. Hopefully tomorrow seeing that i'm leaving on saturday for school. Have fun everybody
(2009.09.09 01:07PM):
Berkeley and da stick are happening now. Sofy and I will be heading out soon at us for osr if you like:) hoping for 4.5 conditions.
(2009.09.09 12:43PM):
Thanks for the action on the website, Asma. I thought about adding special pages for "Where the wind at?"

I'm most likely to stick to work again today. It looks like the Stick is heating up, but I don't have enough time for the drive. If Berkeley becomes EPIC it might call me out. I'm not holding my breath.

Enjoy, those who get it.
(2009.09.09 11:53AM):
I am in a mountain now.....enjoy last min wind!
(2009.09.09 11:49AM):
Not sure where it is, but I'm still recovering... might sail out somewhere with a camera if people show up...