Posted on 2009.07.25 by Raul "er POTRO".

Hello guys. I arrived to paradise yesterday and it was not windy. That is what everybody was saying but the trees were moving. So I went to get the equipment anyway and enjoyed a 2 hours session with a perfect sunset at Kanaha, sailing over manta rays, wich at first scared the hell out of you because they kinda look like sharks from far away. It has been really windy the last days so everyone was taking a break, and I share the beach wit my friend Jack and 3 guys from Spain, and all of that, of course, in shorts, which after the cool and cold sesh at PI felt really good. Because of the jetlag I went to bed right after dinner so Pajero Caligula didn´t get into action.
So this is what here they would call it a bad day: 5.3 sail. 95 l board and an amazing sunset on shorts.
I will keep you guys updated

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(2009.07.27 09:14AM):
que bueno! Have a great time, amigo!
Raul "er POTRO"
(2009.07.26 01:32PM):
Thanks guys. I miss you here. I wish we all could make one day a surftrip to Maui and sail together at "Maui Beach" That would be awesome. Yesterday more manta rays and a turtle. 5.3 and 85l. Getting windier.
(2009.07.26 01:11PM):
Cool!! I miss Maui. BTW Kanaha beach park is called Maui beach by Nadia. Have fun in the sun!
(2009.07.26 01:05PM):